In this article we look at what vegan leather is and why it is a better, more sustainable alternative when compared to regular leather. We are always looking for ways to enjoy fashion without having an impact on the environment and choosing an alternative type of leather is one way that you can make a positive change.

Standard leather is a material that is used to create shoes, handbags, belts and jackets. The majority of these products are made from leather that has been created from the rawhide or skins of an animal. The most common rawhide used for leather is the cow hide, although goat, buffalo and snakeskin are also used to make leather products. Each year in excess of one billion animals are killed for their skins and a huge proportion of these skins are used for leather.

There are alternatives that can still make excellent products but without harming animals. Vegan leather offers the same look and finish as traditional leather, but the key difference is that it is not made from any animal skins. Vegan leather is most commonly made from polyurethane which is a plastic material. Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. Polyurethane is a safe and versatile material which can be made from innovative and sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic.

Vegan leather, also known as faux leather, looks identical to traditional leather and high-quality vegan leather will last just as long as the traditional leather.

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