About The House of Hamilton Marketplace

House of Hamilton is a curated collection of accessories. Having spent 15 years learning about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and truly understanding how the search engines rank and place websites, I decided that I wanted to put together a marketplace that would utilise my skills and be a place where independent brands could be placed, and respected, beside well-known brands. There are so many amazing products that I see on social media daily. The products are beautifully made, with expert craftsmanship and they deserve a place beside some of the world’s leading brands.


Join Our Marketplace

Consumers want products that are expertly crafted by honest, hardworking people. House of Hamilton aims to introduce the world to some of the best accessories on the market, whether they are from a leading brand or a small creator. If you are starting an accessories brand or have been working on one for a few years then joining our marketplace is the next step for you to grow your business. We offer low commissions and a transparent reporting process. Our marketplace has grown 50% each month since we launched in September 2019.


Receive FREE advice and guidance on your digital strategy

By joining the House of Hamilton marketplace, you will not only receive a place in the marketplace, you will also receive mentorship and advice about your digital strategy. As a digital marketing expert I am passionate about helping small brands succeed. 60% of SMEs fail within first five years, Investopedia recently reported that one of the key reasons for these failures was an inability to deliver a consistent level of targeted, low cost customers. SEO and digital marketing can provide a sustainable, low cost avenue to business success. Online fashion retailers receive an average of 70% of their website traffic through the search engines. For this reason search engine marketing is key to the success of fashion retailers. In a recent survey 54% of fashion retailers said they did not have a budget or plan for SEO. We aim to change that.

During my 15 years learning about the search engines I have helped brands to reach the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as some of the fastest growing brands in the United Kingdom, I have crafted strategies to help small business owners achieve sustained growth which has allowed them to fulfil their dreams of running their own business. Today, I want to extend that support, through the House of Hamilton marketplace, to accessories brands around the world who are looking for new avenues to grow and sustain their businesses. I will work with you to increase your audience and increase direct sales.



✓ Offer a range of accessories products from both established brands and independent retailers

✓ Offer a secure payment and management system for sales on the marketplace

✓ Offer a a transparent reporting and management process

✓ Have a support team dedicated to supporting our partners growth – we offer advice and guidance to help our partners achieve growth on and off the platform

✓ Support you to better understand SEO and how it can impact your business and offer sustained business growth



✕ Charge set up costs or ongoing fees – it’s FREE to join

✕ Discount your products

✕ Commit partners to long-term contracts

✕ Directly compete with your own website


Next Steps

Our commission rates are 20% of the sale value.

All you have to do is provide your product photos and descriptions and our teams will upload the products to our marketplace and optimise them for search with no setup fee. When a sale is converted on our marketplace you will automatically receive an email with the product purchase information and the customer’s name and delivery address.

Payments are made on the 29th of each month. Payments will be made for all sales minus the 20% commission. On this day you will also be emailed a breakdown of sales and payment amounts.

Once you have uploaded your products to the marketplace, we will arrange a one to one call to discuss your digital plans and how we can work to improve them and provide sustained, online business growth.

If you are interested in joining the marketplace, please contact me claire@houseofhamilton.co.uk.